Magic Salt

Magic Salt starts out as ordinary rock salt and is then treated with the high­ performance Magic -0 liquid, a proprietary blend of magnesium chloride and feed grade molasses. Magic Salt delivers superior ice melting results at temperatures as low as -25 degrees F. The melting process begins immediately with long lasting results, continuing to melt longer than other rock salt products. Magic Salt’s effectiveness allows you to use 30 to 50 % less product when compared to ordinary rock salt. Magic -0 liquids are versatile and can be used for anti-icing, treating salt, onboard prewetting and enhancing salt brine.

salt comparison

Magic Salt Features and Benefits

  • Premium liquid coated crystals for immediate melting
  • Agricultural enhancer provides corrosion protection for your equipment
  • Long lasting performance reduces re-application frequency
  • Reduces bounce and scatter
  • Visible application
  • Melts at lower temperatures than ordinary rock salt staying effective to temperatures as low as -25 degrees F
  • Safer for pets, plants, and people
  • Environmentally friendly
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